Hemen Ara

Giving motion to the engine of the electronic card on an aluminum and chassis
is the process of carrying out the doors with the help of belt and wheel and bearing.

Our products are manufactured with meticulousness and perfect mechanics as well as electronic
Thanks to our engineering experience, we produce highly comfortable and long lasting automatic sliding door systems.

Transparent, colored, reflective, solar or combined features laminated, tempered or laminated + tempered glass and special brush, gasket structure, air insulation with a uniform manner of aluminum profile systems, electrostatic powder coating (RAL standards) or anodized coloring techniques of any need and automatic sliding doors are produced by making them suitable for taste.
Photocell doors should be manufactured and applied in dimensions of 1500 mm x 2700 mm in order to work properly. Glass profile colors can be painted in RAL colors in order to conform to architectural and institutional structure. Door glass should be applied with 4 + 4 mm laminated or 10 mm tenpered manet system.
We do not need physical power to open doors with photocell.
As soon as the door enters the access area, it detects you and opens itself.
Photocell Door, glass doors, as well as the ability to apply, more
It is applied to doors made of more aluminum profiles.

Hemen Ara