Hemen Ara

In the application of photocell glass doors, automatic sliding doors with glass cuffs can be made by using the lowest level profile or by connecting the glass panels to the mechanism without using any profile.

In the first embodiment, the glass panels are supported by a special profile only from the top. While photocell glass doors do not use vertical profiles within this application, it is entirely up to you whether or not to use a base profile under the wing.
A second method, inox hanger apparatus, is based on the principle of hanging the sash with stainless steel holders screwed into the holes drilled on the glass panel. Although the cost of the inox manet used leads to a slight increase in the price of transparent photocell doors, the method compensates for the increase in photocell glass door prices with the extra transparency it provides. In this application, it is often desired to obtain the maximum glass appearance and no other profile is used. However, it is possible to apply silicone gaskets and bottom base profiles at the joints if desired.

10 mm tempered safety glass is formed by cutting the edges of the wing glass edges are destroyed, rounded and smoothed after the upper side is suspended with a special proyle. It is possible to manufacture single or double wing applications with or without fixed. The minimum opening distance of the single leaf frameless automatic sliding door systems is 700mm and the maximum opening distance is 2000mm. In the case of double-wing frames, the minimum passage width can be 800mm – the maximum passage width can be 3000mm.

In the same way as the profile hanger application, the panels are produced with 10mm tempered transparent or colored glasses and are finished by forming holes in which the inox hanger apparatuses can be screwed. In order to ensure the integrity of the mechanism cover with inox suspension apparatus, you can choose natural anodized aluminum or stainless steel over aluminum. Single leaf inox hanger photocell glass door systems have a minimum opening distance of 700mm and a maximum opening distance of 2000mm. In the case of double-wing inox suspension, the minimum passage width can be 800mm and the maximum passage width can be 3000mm.

Hemen Ara